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Common Queries

You Asked, We Answered

Is there a membership fee to join?

As a seller, you pay a monthly subscription fee to join. The amount you pay is shown when you go to sign-up. If you are based in the US, UK, Australia, Canada or many of the countries across Europe, the cost is $/€/£ 10 per month for basic and $/€/£ 15 per month for premium membership. The cost is between $5-$10 per month if you are based elsewhere. The exact amount to pay will be shown in your own currency during registration.


As a buyer, there is no subscription fee to join. You can simply sign-up and browse as much as you like. You will only pay a small commission fee when you have made a purchase. The exact amount will be shown during checkout and is roughly around 5%.  

If you would like to become a member with access to exclusive content, customised services or more, check out detailed plans and pricing options here.

How is the billing managed?

The billing is managed through Stripe's payment gateway. You can review Stripe's Privacy and Terms here.

How is currency exchange calculated?

As a buyer or seller, you can choose the option for your preferred currency in your profile section. The exchange rate displayed is updated every four hours to take into account market fluctuations.

Can I as the seller choose licensing options?

The seller has complete control over rights and licensing options. You can decide if you would like to option your work for a period of 2 or 5 years, give full rights or keep full rights. Simply ensure your preference is exclusively stated when you upload your work on the platform, so the buyers are aware of this. If you have any preference on how much creative control you may want to have during production later on, be explicit about it in your post. If there is high demand for your work, the buyers may agree to your preferences. Also, to attract more buyers, ensure you set the price of your product (i.e., creative work) accordingly. For example, you can ask for a higher price for a buy-out than an option for 2 years.


If you change your mind, you can always amend the post before you accept a bid or offer. 

What is the difference between Direct Offer and Auction?

As a seller, when you upload your work on the platform, you can select if you would like to auction the product or receive direct offers only. If you choose Direct Offer, buyers will be able to only send you an offer directly based on your asking price. You can choose to either accept or decline the offer received. 


With an auction, you set the minimum bid amount from which the auction starts as well as the maximum amount you would like to receive. The buyers will bid on your product higher than the minimum bid amount set. They will also be able to send you direct offers during the auction process. The auction ends when the post expires or when the maximum amount you were expecting is received.  

How much does the Seller receive?

The Seller receives the total of the accepted bid or offer amount. We provide a unique value proposition for content creators where you get to keep 100% of your revenue. We do not do any purchase price or license fee split.

Is there a "rights" split with Apojo?

The rights-holder retains all rights. There is no split with Apojo for publishing your content on our platform for sale.

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