That's a wrap!

Us, the Apojo Team, had a blast as always speaking to our end users, clients and creatives that we love to support at AFM 2021 Online. There were hundreds of conversations - discussing the future of the creative industry, industry trends and tips, engaging with our current and new members. We loved hearing feedback from our members and extremely enthused by the amazing creative works brought to us from different parts of the world. We cannot be more excited to continue to present more of these works on our platform and to the audience at home.

Here is a brief summary of the creative resources available to our members:

  • Writers can sign up as a Creative Genius member to submit their scripts through this link and include pitch/treatment/bio

  • Production studios can sign up as a Basic or Production Platinum member to submit their spec for script purchase or film for distribution through this link

  • Collaborators can join using the "Join Creative Community" button on this link - this includes Film Commissions, Film Funds, Actors, Composers, Directors and other Creatives

Photo: Team at Apojo Reserved Table - AFM 2021

We have moved our #DidYouKnow posts to socials where you can learn interesting facts and industry terms. Follow our page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter to be in the know.

Our Podcasts and Blogs can be accessed through Creative Resources page here. We have an incredible line-up of podcast episodes coming up with multi-faceted creatives Patricia Chica, Dominique Seward and Jenni Gold.

There are more upcoming events and exciting news on the way! We will continue to share more creative resources that can accelerate your creative journey.

We are delighted to have you as part of the Apojo Community.



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