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Featured Creative of the Month: Jez McMillan

Screenwriter Jez McMillan is most inspired by the harshness of life and the cruel realities that we all face. He is known for his rare talent of mixing black comedy with tragedy along with magical realism. Many of his short and feature screenplays have been optioned all over the world. He has worked on several assignments for filmmakers in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

He’s had material read at Screen Gems, State Street Films, Lionsgate and Conundrum Entertainment all with tasteful rejections, all harsh reminders of the work and dedication it takes to take even the smallest steps in this business that all writers face.

For a number of years he’s had a fruitful collaboration with director Shan Ng and producer Robert Williams based in the UK ( developing several projects and currently has the romantic drama feature, “ Second First Love” slated to shoot in August, 2022.

Some of his short films won awards, primarily for The Immortal, about a man who wants to commit suicide so he can rescue his wife from the afterlife only to learn he is immortal.

Best Shorts - Award of Merit, Special Mention

Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood- Award of Merit

Global Shorts - Honourable Mention

Official Selection - California Independent Film Festival 2017

This short was available on Amazon Prime UK/USA through 2018-2019 and the feature version is currently available on request.

Jez and Robert join our next episode of the Apojo Podcast. You can subscribe to the Apojo Podcast on Apple Podcasts here.

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