Featured writer of the month: Carmen Ayala Brown

Female Founder/Content Creator/Author/Inventor

Meet Carmen Ayala Brown - our featured writer of the month:

Carmen Ayala Brown is passionate about creating wholesome and educational entertainment for children of all ages. She is a writer, inventor, entrepreneur, and female founder of the Girly Stuff, Inc. startup. She has been part of the judging panel for the Daytime Emmy Awards in the outstanding children’s animated television writing programming category for the past five years. Carmen has created and written numerous film and television scripts for the children and family marketplace. She lives in Chicago with her animated Newfoundland pup Pawley B.

A glimpse of her current work: WildWud set in an enchanting village, tells the tale between two civilizations; the wild vs the domesticated animals. Sophie Plumtree, a mild-mannered Old English Sheepdog befriends Brassie Wilkins with high hopes of becoming a Wildwud member; an establishment where anyone who’s anybody in Wildwud belongs. Before long, the village is turned upside down as the domestics unite in a crusade for justice and the village court steps in as the hearing for Wildwud vs. Sophie Plumtree comes to order. WGA REGISTERED #2131050

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