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S2 Ep 4: Producer's World

Alexia Melocchi is an accomplished entertainment industry professional with a long proven track record of success within both the domestic and international arenas. A vital contributor to the LITTLE STUDIO FILMS brand, Alexia Melocchi ‘s footing in the Entertainment Industry began in the international marketplace in the 1990s, as both a sales agent and buyer’s representative for eleven theatrical distributors. As a consultant she currently uses her professional relationships and expertise in screenplay development, film and television IP packaging, securing co-productions and arranging for US and International Distribution for her clients. She has been behind the financing and distribution process of films that grossed one billion dollars the last decade. A regular participant at most major Film and Television markets as well as Festivals around the world, Alexia Melocchi still pursues international acquisitions and uses a global film marketing approach for the Projects of her Clients as well as the films she is producing under the Little Studio Films banner.

Through LITTLE STUDIO FILMS, she has produced 27 features, including critically acclaimed indie films and Festival darlings such as A SOUL JOURNEY, THE PANTANI AFFAIR, STEALING ROSES, SERVICE TO MAN, RETURN TO HAPPINESS, BEACH LOVE.

Alexia Melocchi is fluent in French, Greek, Italian and Spanish and is also an Advisory Board Member of the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, ECOFLIX (The first Not for Profit streaming platform for animal wildlife and the environment) and the Italian Television Festival.

Hear more about Alexia’s experiences directly on this podcast. #apojopodcast #producers


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