The Future of Creative Industry

Apojo Publications is set to revolutionise the way creative content is found and sourced for production. By doing so, it is empowering creatives to accelerate their creative journey in more ways than one.

Since living in a digital age and having to adapt to workspaces online accelerated by the pandemic, there is now a dire need to shake-up the creative industry’s future of work. We now live in an age where we don’t have to be underprivileged in our career opportunities because of where we live, our networks, our right to exclusive clubs. The same has never been more true for creatives, the passion and talent behind creativity – the independent writers, the artists, the composers, the painters, the filmmakers - the creative content creator. This change in beliefs coupled with the end consumer need to consume more creative content more often, with more diversity, exacerbates the need for a shake-up in how content is produced. Take film lovers as an example. They want better films, with diverse story lines. The popularity of Minari and Nomadland, with the rise of Chole Zhao and Youn Yuh-Jung proves that. Production studios need to meet this end-consumer demand to continue to be successful and stay relevant.

Apojo Publications allows international projects to be seen and purchased by production studios and publishing houses all around the world. The platform allows easy access for production studios, publishing houses, and others with demand for content to browse through creative content in one place instead of sorting through masses of emails, and unsolicited submissions. It cuts out unnecessary intermediaries, significantly reducing pre-production lead time and cost. With a nominal subscription fee, studios are able to request more targeted service in finding content matched to their specification. The platform, and its Creative Market, enables writers and all creatives to publish their work for sale directly on the platform. There are value-add services to accelerate the creative’s journey throughout the creative ecosystem through access to resources and creative community.

The reinvigoration of the creative industry is more pertinent than ever before. For Apojo Publications and Founder Nishat Hashem, it starts with the reinvigoration of the independent market making up majority of the industry, with technology accelerators contributing to success.


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