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Apojo App  officially launches at American Film Market 2020
on Android & iOS
Tune in on November 11 @ 9:30am PST

Our Mission

The creativity of original content creators needs a platform where the creative content can be accessed and purchased with a single click by those with demand for the content.

Apojo Publications gives the unique opportunity to writers and original content creators to publish and sell their creative work to production studios, gaming, ad agencies or publishing houses through an easy-to-use e-commerce platform. It gives producers, publishing houses, gaming consultants and others direct access to browse and buy creative works such as screenplays and concepts.

The Apojo app is now live on Android and coming soon on iOS. For onboarding support, get in touch using the button below.

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How does it work?

SIMPLICITY                                            VERSATILITY                                            USABILITY





Other creatives

Production studios

Publishing house


Ad Agencies

Other publishers

I am a writer or original content creator. How do I join?

Becoming a member is easy. If you are a writer or original content creator, simply sign-up as a seller. Upload your work for potential buyers to review. Immediately showcase your work to hundreds of producers, gaming consultants, publishing houses and such in need of creative content. View and accept offers. Voila! Get paid for your creativity. Turn that idea into a motion picture or world class video game.

I represent a production studio, gaming industry or other. How do I join?

Sign-up as a buyer if you represent a production studio, gaming industry or other agencies in need of creative content to produce. Then simply view the creative works of writers and original content creators from all over the world and make an offer on the creative piece that you admire. Revolutionize how you work. Fast-track optioning and go digital!

I represent a publishing house. How do I join?

Your membership can be two-fold: Sign-up as a seller if you want producers, gaming consultants or other agencies to purchase from your catalogue; or as a buyer if you represent a publishing house looking for new material. Then simply upload your catalogue on the platform, or view the creative works of writers from all over the world. End to end transaction at your finger tips. No more intermediaries!


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