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The Year That Was

Dear Apojo Community,

As we transition to the holiday break, I want to express my gratitude to each of you - our Apojo team, screenwriters, producers and the many talents in the industry for being a vital part of what makes the Apojo community such an amazing place to work, connect, and collaborate.

I am particularly excited to see important initiatives successfully engaged to take Apojo well into the future.

We have accomplished so much together this past year, and engaged with so many talents in this community through our meet-ups at Film Festivals, technology start-ups, and many industry events. There is clearly no time to waste in this industry as we met with Mark Byers over our podcast earlier this year through his journey of perseverance, consistency and passion-over-anything mindset.

We opened up conversations to break barriers in the industry, and celebrated female centric story-telling, women writers, producers and creatives from all walks of life. We brought up authenticity through our thought leadership talks with influential women like Carole Field and Klara Landrat to bring about positive changes for a sustainable future.

Our platform featured many creatives every month that shared their journey, vision and accomplishments. We congratulated many winners at Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Film Festival, Netherlands Film Festival with a special shout out to our friends at Smarthouse Films for winning the best Short Category.

I have had the immense pleasure of sharing my perspective on the future of the creative industry, especially the new world of streaming, with Variety Senior Media Analyst, Gavin Bridge on Monaco Streaming Film Festival Masterclass.

We marked the end of the year at the Tallinn Film Festival in Estonia whilst giving our Apojo members the opportunity to showcase their work with production studios as well as further elaborating on how the industry will evolve at “The Near Future Retreat: (Re)Starting the Conversation”. It has been an exciting whirlwind adventure this year and we are looking forward to bringing new opportunities, expanding our platform and celebrating more creatives in the upcoming year.

On behalf of the Apojo family, I would like to wish you and your family a great holiday season. Hope you all find time to reset, recharge and come back stronger than ever. Our team will be back on January 9th, until then, Happy Holidays, cheers to 2023, and keep creating!

Happy wishes,

Nishat Hashem

CEO, Apojo Technologies

& Team Apojo


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